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SCB-RL 10kv Dry Type Power Transformer

High voltage:6-11kv
Low voltage:0~400v
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Product Introduction

Product overview

This product introduces the patent technology of the three-dimensional wound core structure transformer invented by the United States in 1946, supporting the polygonal section core technology developed by China and our company's coil winding equipment and tooling equipment.

Its main performance is better than the Chinese standard.

Especially suitable In environments with high fire protection requirements, such as high-rise residential buildings, airports, stations, docks, subways, hospitals, power plants, petrochemical plants, etc."







JB/T10088-2004 6~220kv




Working environment

1. Type:indoor

2. The height above the sea level is below 1000m;

3. Ambient temperature: Highest air temperature+40 ℃, Lowest air temperature-25℃

4. Relative air humidity:≤90%(+25℃)

5. installation site: no corrosion gas, No obvious dirt

For Agricultural power distribution and lighting


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