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S(B)H15/16 amorphous core oil immersed transformer

High quality material for copper winding
Accordance with Chinese national GB standards and the international IEC standards;
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Product Introduction


This product is an oil-filled sealing type.

The theory is the same as that of a closed-type power transformer.

The basic elements of amorphous alloy are iron, nickel, cobalt, silicon, boron, carbon, and so on.

It is a kind of isotropic soft magnetic material with low magnetic power and without structure defect which hinders the movement of the domain wall.

It is extremely thin, only 0.027mm.

The filling coefficient is as smaller as 0.75-0.8, the specific resistance is high which is about 3-6 times that of the silicon steel plate and the hardness of it is 5 times that of silicon steel sheet.

Amorphous alloy materials are highly profitable.



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