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S11/S13/14-M Oil Transformer

Amorphous alloy is a new type of energy-saving material, 
which is ompletely different from the silicon steel's crystal structure, 
and is more conducive to being magnetized and demagnetized
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Product Introduction

Product Standards

GB1094.1-2013    General rules for power transformers
GB1094.2-2013    Power Transformer Temperature Rise
GB1094.3-2003    Insulation Level and Insulation Test of Power Transformers
GB1094.5-2008    Power transformer withstands short circuit capability
GB/T1094.10-2003    Power transformers - Part 10: Determination of sound levels
GB/T25446-2010    Oil immersed amorphous alloy core distribution transformer technical parameters and requirements



1. Conditions of normal environment: The altitude does not exceed 1000m;
2. The highest ambient temperature +40 °C, the lowest -25 °C;
3. Conditions for special environments: Altitude over 1000m;
4. The highest ambient temperature +40 °C, the lowest -45 °C. (Detailed description when ordering);
5. Installation site: no corrosive gas, no obvious dirt environment;
Note: According to the agreed conditions, to provide users with products under special conditions of use.


Structural Features

Iron core:The magnetic material of iron core uses amorphous alloy.Since the amorphous alloy does not have a crystal structure and has a soft magnetic characteristic,the area of ​​the hysteresis loop is very narrow, the magnetization
power is small, the electrical resistivity is high, and the eddy current loss is small, so the no-load loss and no-load current of the transformer made of this material are used. very low. The core is composed of four separate core frames in the same plane
to form a three-phasefive-column type. It must be annealed, and it must have a cross-barrier joint with a rectangular cross-sectional shape.

Coil: In addition to using low-voltage windings (160kVA or less) with copper conductors, a cylindrical structure made of copper foil isgenerally used; high-voltage windings use a multi-layered cylindrical structure to balance the winding ampere distribution and magnetic flux leakage. High-voltage and low-voltage windings are wound together with wire tension devices to form rectangular coils, and the coils are solidified by hot-pressing and shaping to enhance the mechanical strength of the windings and the ability to withstand short circuit.

Oil tank: It adopts a beautiful full-sealing and maintenance-free corrugated structure. Through advanced oil tank production technology,it undergoes strict pressure





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