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High-voltage switchgear operation specifications and maintenance standards

1. What are the technical learning contents of operators?

   (1) Electrical safety work rules, operating procedures, accident handling procedures, technical grade standards, job specifications and related rules and regulations.

   (2) Accidents, obstacles, compilations of equipment abnormalities accumulated over the years, technical measures against accidents, etc. that have occurred in the Bureau.

   (3) Weak links and counter-accident measures and countermeasures exposed in the anti-accident drill.

   (4) Current equipment and new equipment construction principles, parameter performance, system layout and operation methods.

   (5) Safe and economical operation mode and advanced working methods.

   (6) Operation mode and new technology operation after equipment overhaul and change.

   (7) Seasonal changes affect operating equipment and preventive measures.

   (8) Demonstration of professional theory or operational skills, etc.

   (9) The relevant part of the dispatching procedures.

  2. Which regulations should be followed when inspecting equipment?

   (1) Other workbenches are not allowed, and they are not allowed to move or go over the barrier.

   (2) When you need to patrol outdoor equipment during a thunderstorm, you should wear insulated boots and keep away from lightning rods and arresters.

   (3) When the high-voltage equipment is grounded, indoors shall not be within 4M of the fault point, and outdoors shall not be within 8M of the fault point. Personnel entering the above range must wear insulated boots, and should wear insulated gloves when touching the equipment shell or frame.

   (4) After patrolling the high-voltage chamber, the door must be locked.

   (5) Special patrols are added in special weather.

  3. What are the patrol items for transformer gas relays?

   (1) The valve on the connecting pipe of the gas relay should be in the open position.

   (2) The respirator of the transformer should be in normal working condition.

   (3) The gas protection connecting piece is put in correctly.

   (4) Check that the oil level of the oil pillow is in the proper position, and the relay should be full of oil.

   (5) The waterproof cover of the gas relay should be firm.

  4. Which items are normally inspected by the voltage transformer?

   (1) Whether there is crack damage or abnormal sound discharge in the porcelain.

   (2) Whether the oil level of the oil standard is normal and whether there is oil leakage.

   (3) Whether the wiring terminal is loose.

   (4) Whether the connector is overheated and discolored.

   (5) Whether the mocking agent changes color.

   (6) There is no abnormality in the voltage indication.

   5. What are the inspection items for lightning arresters?

   (1) Check whether the porcelain part is damaged. Cracks and discharge phenomena.

   (2) Check whether the discharge recorder is operating.

   (3) Check whether the lead connector is firm.

   (4) Check whether there is any abnormal sound inside the arrester.

   6. What are the patrol inspection items of the mother?

   (1) Whether the contact parts are in good contact, and test whether the warm wax sheet melts.

   (2) Check whether the soft busbar has broken fat and loose strands.

   (3) After each ground fault, check whether the supporting insulator has discharge traces.

   (4) Check the snow and melting conditions of the busbar on heavy snow days.

   (5) After a thunderstorm, check the insulators for damage, cracks and discharge marks.

   (6) Sundries should be removed before strong winds.

  7. What are the inspection items for power cables?

   (1) Check the cables and terminal boxes for oil leakage, and whether the insulating glue is softened and overflowed.

   (2) Whether the insulator is clean and intact, whether there are cracks and flashover marks, whether the lead joint is intact and does not generate heat.

   (3) Whether the outer sheath of the exposed cable is complete and whether the support is firm.

   (4) Whether the outer skin is well grounded.

   8. What are the items for normal inspection of equipment in the main control room, relay protection room and 10KV power distribution room?

   (1) No abnormal sound and burnt smell.

   (2) All instrument signal indicator windows should be consistent with operating conditions and indicate correct indications.

   (3) The position of the protective connection piece is correct (should be consistent with the actual situation).

   (4) The three-phase voltage of the system is balanced (approximately) and within the specified range.

   (5) The power tie line, the three-phase ammeter of the transformer main switch is myopic balance.

   basic definition

High-voltage switchgear refers to electrical products used for on-off, control or protection in power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and consumption of the power system. The voltage level is between 3.6kV and 550kV. It mainly includes high-voltage circuit breakers and high-voltage isolation. Switches and grounding switches, high-voltage load switches, high-voltage automatic coincidence and sectioning devices, high-voltage operating mechanisms, high-voltage explosion-proof power distribution devices, and high-voltage switch cabinets. The high-voltage switch manufacturing industry is an important part of the power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing industry and occupies a very important position in the entire power industry. Some people are willing to call the high-voltage switchgear high-voltage distribution cabinet, but it is actually one thing...

   Function: The high-voltage switchgear has the functions of overhead inlet and outlet, cable inlet and outlet, bus connection, etc.

  Application: Mainly suitable for various places such as power plants, substations, power system substations, petrochemicals, metallurgical steel rolling, light industry and textiles, factories and mining enterprises, residential quarters, high-rise buildings, etc.

Composition: The switchgear shall meet the relevant requirements of the "AC metal-enclosed switchgear" standard. It is composed of a cabinet and a circuit breaker. The cabinet is composed of a shell, electrical components (including insulation), various mechanisms, secondary terminals Connection and other components.

  Five defenses:

  1. Preventing load closing: After the vacuum circuit breaker trolley in the high-voltage switch cabinet is closed at the test position, the trolley circuit breaker cannot enter the working position.

  2. Prevent closing with grounding wire: When the grounding knife in the high-voltage switch cabinet is in the closed position, the trolley breaker cannot be closed.

  3, to prevent accidentally entering the live interval: when the vacuum circuit breaker in the high-voltage switch cabinet is closing, the back door of the cabinet is locked with the machine on the grounding knife.

  4. Prevent live grounding: The vacuum circuit breaker in the high-voltage switchgear is closed during operation, and the grounding knife cannot be put in.

  5. Prevent the load-carrying switch: the vacuum circuit breaker in the high-voltage switch cabinet cannot exit the working position of the trolley circuit breaker when it is in operation.

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