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Construction and maintenance technology of transformer on pole

1. On-site inspection before construction

   (1) The transformer should meet the design requirements, and the accessories and spare parts should be complete.

   (2) The appearance of the body and accessories is inspected without damage and deformation, and the paint is intact.

   (3) The oil tank is well closed, no oil leakage or oil leakage, and the oil level at the oil level is normal.

  A: Channel steel should be used for the double-pole transformer bench, the thickness of the channel steel should be >14mm, and it should be hot-dip galvanized.

  B: The height of the platform from the ground meets the design requirements, the installation is firm, and the horizontal tilt should not be greater than 1/100 of the platform's root opening.

  C: The pressure relief valve should be opened.

   2. Pole transformer installation

   (1) The installation of the pole-mounted transformer must meet the requirements of the "National Grid Design".

   (2) All related equipment of the pole transformer meets the requirements of complete equipment.

   (3) The production of key links such as high-voltage lead arc forming, lashing, peeling, and connection should be made with an integrated platform for the production of lead wires of the transformer.

3. Oil replenishment and oil sampling of the transformer on the pole

   (1) When the transformer oil level indicator is lower than the specified value, the transformer should be filled with oil.

   (2) In order to identify the quality of transformer oil, the transformer should be sampled and analyzed.

   (3) Oil filling and oil sampling should be carried out under fine and windless weather.

   (4) An oil mixing test should be carried out before oil injection.

   (5) After the transformer is out of service, it should be left for a certain period of time to replenish the oil. After the transformer oil has cooled, open the oil pillow screw to prevent oil spill.

  A: When the transformer is filled with oil, the air humidity should be less than 75%, and meet the relevant requirements, add according to the original transformer insulating oil grade.

  B: Use clean special tools when filling transformer oil.

c: Open the screw on the upper part of the oil pillow and insert it into the filling funnel, and slowly pour the qualified transformer oil into the oil pillow. According to the current temperature, the oil level should be at the proper height of the oil standard. The oil pillow must not be filled to avoid temperature rise. High oil spills.

  D: Use a special oil sample bottle to take out the oil sample from the oil sample valve of the transformer, and conduct a pressure test and a dielectric loss test.

   4. Treatment of minor damage to the conductive pole and porcelain sleeve of the transformer on the pole

   (1) The connection between the transformer conductive rod and the lead wire should be firmly in contact, without looseness, and no trace of discharge.

   (2) The transformer bushing should be clean, free of oil leakage and no damage.

  A: When the transformer conductive rod and the lead are in poor contact, it can cause oxidation of the contact surface or cause electrical corrosion of the contact surface. The contact surface can be polished with sandpaper of more than 100 mesh, and the operation will continue after treatment.

  B: The casing should be clean and free of cracks, and the skirt should not be damaged. If it is damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

  C: When the casing sealing rubber gasket has slight oil leakage, it can be handled by tightening the casing fixing screws and other methods, and measures are taken to prevent the screw from rotating.

   5. Treatment of minor damage to the conductive rod and porcelain sleeve of the transformer on the pole

  The transformer shell should be free from paint removal, corrosion, no oil leakage from the transformer, and a clean appearance.

  A: The anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment of the transformer must be carried out in the event of a power failure.

  B: When the transformer is depainted and rusted, the surface should be cleaned, and the surface should be sanded after completion.

  C: The oil level gauge, pressure release valve, pressure regulator switch, high and low pressure casing and other accessories should be protected to prevent paint covering.

  D: Finally, spray paint, usually 3 times.

Date:2020-01-17 09:36

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