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Application of net format bridge in industrial environment

For a long time, closed cable trays (also called trough boxes) have been used in domestic industrial environments to route various power cables or control cables. In Europe, America and other countries, a revolutionary new type of cable tray-net format The bridge is very common

When it comes to net format bridges, one must mention a company, CABLOFIL of France. It can be regarded as the originator of the net format bridge. As early as 1972, it was the first to launch an open net format bridge on the French market. And because it had a patent for this new product at that time, it went to the early 1990s. , The open bridge frame of the entire European market is its monopoly. Until now, Cabofi still has more than half of the market share in the European open grid tray market, and it is even more common in France, where it originated. Cabofi is an expanding global company that introduces this new type of open bridge into the local market every time it goes to a new place. Therefore, this new type of bridge is not only widely used in Europe and the United States, but also has more and more users in the Asia-Pacific market in recent years, especially in some industrial environments such as food and beverage plants, power stations, industrial plants, and heavy industries.

What are the benefits of this new type of bridge? Compared with the traditional closed bridge, what are the advantages? Let’s take Cabofi’s net format bridge as a representative to make a comparison.

First of all, the open net format bridge allows all cables to be visible, which can comprehensively control the quality of the wiring project, and in case of failure in the future, it can quickly identify the problem cable and take corresponding measures
Second, the open net format cable tray allows cables to be routed from any point, and can be easily connected to various machines and equipment, and can be changed at will; and it is light and flexible, and can be installed on the top, bottom, or periphery of production equipment. Easily walk among various equipment, install along the production line and assembly line.
 Fourth, durable, safe and firm. The Cabofi mesh bridge is welded by high-quality steel wires. The Cabofi bridge is the most tested bridge in the world, providing users with the strongest load-bearing performance with the lightest weight. In addition to the surface treatment of electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized, Cabofi bridges and accessories also provide high-quality decontamination-treated 304L and 316L stainless steel series. After salt spray testing, the service life is three times that of untreated stainless steel. Up to four times, long-term durability can be guaranteed even in harsh environments
Cabofi net format bridge has some unique innovations, such as its quick installation system, which directly connects the bracket and bridge; the patented quick connector, two bridges can be quickly connected without screws and nuts. Help shorten the installation time and make the project complete in time.
All in all, this revolutionary net format bridge provides great convenience for designers, installers and end users of industrial projects. I believe that as the domestic market becomes more aware of this new product, this The application of this kind of bridge will inevitably become popular.

Third, Carbofi can be used in various installation methods, and does not require various special customized parts such as bending, tees, crosses, reducing diameters, etc. These special parts can be made directly with straight bridges at the construction site using simple tools (cutters) to help users reduce design and installation time. In addition, this new structure can better manage cables, and it will be easy to maintain and upgrade in the future.

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Date:2020-02-06 09:35

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