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Low-voltage Completed switchgear

Low-voltage Completed switchgear

Low-voltage Completed switchgear is composed of a variety of low-voltage switchgear, used for receiving and distributing electric energy and controlling, protecting and monitoring the circuit.

1. Incoming switchgear
The incoming line switchgear can also be called the power incoming line, which is responsible for connecting the low-voltage side of the transformer to the bus bar, and is used to control all the electrical equipment below. Its main switch is generally a frame circuit breaker.

2. Capacitor switchgear

It is used to compensate the quality of electricity and improve the power factor. Generally, it is installed in parallel with the incoming switchgear, and one or more capacitor switchgears can be operated in parallel. After the capacitor switchgear is disconnected from the power grid, since the capacitor bank needs a period of time to complete the discharge process, you cannot directly touch the components in the switchgear, especially the capacitor bank.

3. Mother Union switchgear

The function of the bus joint switchgear is equivalent to that of the segmented power supply. When two main lines enter and when both lines have power, the bus joint switchgear is disconnected. When one of the lines is out of power, the bus joint switchgear is closed and the two outgoing lines are shared. One incoming line.

4. Motor control center switchgear

The motor control center switchgear can also become a drawer switchgear, which is assembled from large and small drawers. The main switch of each circuit adopts a high breaking capacity molded case circuit breaker or a rotary load switch with a fuse.

5. Feeder switchgear

The feeder switchgear can be called the outlet switchgear, which is a switch switchgear used for bus distribution of electric energy. Unlike high voltage, it is basically directly connected to the electrical equipment. The switch generally uses a molded case circuit breaker.

In addition to the several low-voltage switch switchgears introduced above, there are also switch switchgears such as metering switchgears and isolation switchgears. Low-voltage switch switchgears are generally composed of incoming switchgears, capacitor switchgears, and feeder switchgears. A reasonable plan can be designed according to the needs of the site.


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