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Capacitance compensation cabinet

Capacitance compensation cabinet

Most of the load types in the power system are inductive loads. In addition, power users generally use power electronic equipment widely, which makes the power factor of the grid low. Lower power factor reduces equipment utilization, increases power supply investment, damages voltage quality, reduces equipment service life, and greatly increases line losses. Therefore, by connecting the capacitance compensation cabinet in the power system, the inductive load can be balanced, the power factor can be improved, and the utilization rate of the equipment can be improved.


Generally speaking, the low-voltage capacitor compensation cabinet is composed of cabinet, busbar, fuse, isolating switch fuse group, capacitor contactor, lightning arrester, capacitor, reactor, primary and secondary wires, terminal block, power factor automatic compensation control device , Panel instrument and other components.


In the actual power system, most of the loads are asynchronous motors. The equivalent circuit can be regarded as a series circuit of resistance and inductance, the phase difference between voltage and current is large, and the power factor is low. After the capacitors are connected in parallel, the current of the capacitors will cancel a part of the inductor current, so that the inductor current is reduced, and the total current is reduced accordingly, the phase difference between the voltage and the current becomes smaller, and the power factor is improved.

Date:2020-08-11 15:09

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