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vacuum circuit breaker

vacuum circuit breaker

The vacuum circuit breaker is named after its arc extinguishing medium and the insulating medium of the contact gap after the arc extinguishing is high vacuum; it has the advantages of small size, light weight, suitable for frequent operation, and no need for maintenance of arc extinguishing. Chinese applications are more popular. The vacuum circuit breaker is an indoor power distribution device in a 3~40.5kV, 50Hz three-phase AC system. It can be used as the protection and control of electrical equipment in industrial and mining enterprises, power plants, and substations. It is especially suitable for oil-free, In places with less maintenance and frequent operation, circuit breakers can be configured in middle cabinets, double-layer cabinets and fixed cabinets to control and protect high-voltage electrical equipment.

Vacuum circuit breakers mainly include three parts: vacuum interrupter, electromagnetic or spring operating mechanism, bracket and its components

①The contact distance is small, the contact distance of 10KV vacuum circuit breaker is only about 10mm, the operating power of the operating mechanism is small, the stroke of the mechanical part is small, and the mechanical life is long.
②The arcing time is short, and has nothing to do with the switch current, generally only half cycle.
③After the arc is extinguished, the recovery speed of the contact gap medium is fast, and the performance of the near-breaking fault is better.
④Since the wear of the contacts is small when breaking current, the electrical life of the contacts is long, with full capacity breaking up to 30-50 times, rated current breaking up to more than 5000 times, low noise and suitable for frequent operation.
⑤Small size and light weight.
⑥Suitable for breaking capacitive load current.
Because of its many advantages, it is widely used in substations. The current models mainly include: ZN12-10, ZN28A-10, ZN65A-12, ZN12A-12, VS1, ZN30, etc.

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