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The role of current transmitters

The role of commonly used current transmitters: In fact, the purpose of the transformer we often contact is the same. In order to connect to the secondary instrument, the current transmitter converts the large AC and DC current signals into 4-20mA standard signals and provides them to the PLC. To control, in addition, DC transmitters can be said to belong to current transmitters. Wires with large current pass through the hole of the current toilet, and the current value of the wire will be measured at the output of the device.

An example: the proportional transmission of signals (5A becomes 4-20mA, 1-5VDC becomes 4-20mA) or isolated transmission (4-20mA becomes 4-20mA). The reason why this kind of processing is done is that some of our signal processing parts can only accept specific signals, such as an external pressure signal sent from 1V to 5V, and the signal can only be processed by 4-20mA, Therefore, it is necessary to use the transmitter to convert the external signal.

The role of the transmitter: In simple terms, it can detect the process parameters and transmit the measured values ​​in the form of specific signals for display and adjustment.

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Date:2020-07-30 10:00

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