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How does the power meter view the degree parameter?

1. The main parameters and significance of the energy meter
1. Voltage parameter: indicates the voltage of the applicable power supply. The single-phase voltage of my country's low-voltage working circuit is 220V, and the three-phase voltage is 380V. The calibrated 220V electric energy meter is suitable for single-phase general lighting circuits. The 380V calibrated energy meter is suitable for industrial and agricultural production circuits using three-phase power.

2. Current parameters: There are two current parameters for general ammeters. For example, 10(20)A, one is the calibrated operating current Ib(10A) reflecting the measurement accuracy and starting current index, and the other is the two values ​​of the maximum current Imax(20A) allowed to pass when the measurement standards are met. If the current in the circuit exceeds the maximum current Imax allowed, the energy meter will be inaccurate or even damaged.

3. Power frequency: indicates the frequency of the applicable power supply. The frequency of the power supply indicates the number of times the direction of the alternating current changes within 1 s. The frequency of AC in my country is set at 50Hz. The direction of the AC current is changing. The speed of this change is very important for demanding precision instruments (such as X-ray machines, etc.), and it can be ignored for electrical appliances such as lighting or electric heaters that do not require high power frequency. 

4. Power consumption measurement parameters: different energy meters have different expressions. The measurement parameter of the rotary table induction system energy meter target is xxxr/kWh, which means that for each 1kWh of electrical energy consumed by electrical appliances, the aluminum turntable of the energy meter must be rotated through xxx revolutions. The measurement parameters of the electronic energy meter are marked with xxximp/kWh, which means that for each 1kWh of electrical energy consumed by the electrical appliance, the energy meter pulse count generates xxx pulses.

5. In addition, the electric energy meter also has parameters such as working environment temperature, humidity parameters and accuracy grade.

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Date:2019-08-23 10:35

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