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Voltage regulator

There are basically two types of AC regulated power supplies, one is a mechanically regulated regulated power supply, and the other is a non-mechanically regulated regulated power supply. The mechanically regulated power supply is driven by the motor to adjust the carbon brush. It is divided into two types, the disc type and the column type. The disc type is generally medium and small power, and the column type is generally high power. The mechanically regulated power supply has the advantages of simplicity, durability, no additional waveform distortion, high efficiency, high accuracy, and high cost performance, etc. and is widely used. There are many types of non-mechanical regulated regulated voltages, mainly including relay regulated power supply (generally used in small power), parameter regulated power supply (generally used in more expensive equipment), combined winding compensation regulated power supply, sinusoidal energy Distributed power supply, etc. The following is a brief introduction of the combined winding compensation type regulated power supply and sinusoidal energy distribution type regulated power supply: the non-contact compensation type regulated power supply generally has three compensation transformers per phase, and the conduction of the electronic switch is controlled by the single chip or analog circuit or Closed, so as to control the input (forward, reverse) or withdrawal of the compensation transformer to achieve the purpose of voltage stabilization. Although it does not mechanically regulate the wear of the carbon brush of the voltage-stabilized power supply, it has a large number of high-power electronic components and switching shocks. Problems such as reliability have been affected, and it is still under continuous improvement; the sinusoidal energy distribution type is also generally called a precision purified regulated power supply. Because he uses the chopping method, it has certain anti-interference ability and high adjustment accuracy , Short response time and other advantages, but also has the disadvantages of large additional distortion, high internal resistance, low efficiency, etc., so it is generally only used in small and medium power occasions.

There are many domestic manufacturers of mechanically regulated power supplies, mainly concentrated in Wenzhou, Zhejiang (such as Wenzhou Hyundai, Hongbao, etc.) and Shanghai (such as Shanghai Jingda, etc.), Beijing (such as North Transfer, Wuchen, etc.), Guangdong, and Jiangsu. factory.

There are many enterprises that produce non-mechanical regulated power supplies, which are widely distributed. There are old enterprises of the state or collectives, some of them are also produced by mechanically regulated enterprises, and many new enterprises have joined.

At the end of 2001, in response to the disorder of the AC regulated power supply market, the Power Supply Association launched a brand project and reached the following two consensuses: first, whether the product passed the inspection of the National Power Electronics Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and second, whether the company passed the quality management qualification For certification, dozens of companies including Shanghai Jingda, Beijing Wuchen, Guangdong Luoding, Wenzhou Hyundai, and Shandong Huatian were declared at the time, but they were put on hold due to insufficient publicity.

In short, there are many problems in this industry. Due to the lack of law enforcement ability and enthusiasm of the competent authorities of the industry, and the low barriers to entry, the market is full of disorderly and excessive competition. Some companies use users to lack understanding of the market and technology, and mark new names on product names. What is the special regulator for printing equipment, the special regulator for textile equipment, CSBW, SBW5, etc., the technical indicators are blown up, the power is increased by small, and some colleges or famous universities. In fact, in the final analysis, the regulated power supply is a product with low technology content and it is really difficult to do well. I hope that these companies can do things practically, instead of relying on speculation to obtain the market, because this ultimately hurts the market and is their own. Clothes and food parents.

A mature market requires both strong supervision, the self-discipline of the enterprise, mature consumers, and a good environment to compete benignly so that the enterprise can focus on improving product quality and service. Come up, I hope you all work together. 

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Date:2020-07-28 10:44

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