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What is line loss

Line loss is the abbreviation of power loss in the power grid. It is the loss and loss of electric energy in the transmission, transformation, distribution and marketing of electric energy from power plants to power users. Specifically, it refers to the loss of active and reactive energy and voltage generated by the current flowing through various electrical equipment in the grid (from the user's billing energy meter to the user's power equipment, excluding the user's billing energy meter), It is often used to refer to active power loss. Line loss is usually divided into statistical line loss, theoretical line loss, fixed line loss, etc. To explain to you from the marketing point of view, the difference between the energy from the power supply side to the power consumption side is the line loss, and the ratio of the difference to the power supply is the line loss rate. 
There are many reasons that affect the line loss rate.

1. The calculation of the line loss rate is based on the measurement meter, so the accuracy of the meter is a factor that affects the line loss rate.

2. Taking high supply and low supply as an example, the line loss rate is divided into two parts: network loss and mother loss. The network loss is the line loss part, and the mother loss is the loss of other equipment in the distribution, so the two factors that affect the line loss rate are: The condition of the line and the condition of the equipment. 

3. in the line directly to the user, there may be artificial theft of electricity, which is also an aspect that affects the line loss rate.

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Date:2019-08-19 09:20

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