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What are the requirements of CNC machine tools for power supply

As we all know, high-speed machining technology is developing rapidly, and it is the CNC machine tool that is driving this development trend. How to make good use of the performance of the CNC machine tool and maintain the accuracy of the machine tool is very important. Now combine my personal work Experience, talk about some details and common sense that the machine tool needs to pay attention to in terms of power supply, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

The power supply is the energy support part that maintains the normal operation of the system. The direct result of its failure or failure is to cause the system to stop or destroy the entire system. In addition, the operating data, setting data and processing programs of the numerical control system are generally stored in the RAM memory. After the system is powered off, it is maintained by the backup battery or lithium battery of the power supply. Therefore, the downtime is relatively long. Plugging or unplugging the power supply or memory may cause data loss and make the system inoperable.

At the same time, because the CNC equipment uses a three-phase AC voltage regulator 380V power supply, safety is also an important part of the preliminary work of the CNC equipment installation. Based on the above reasons, the power supply used by the CNC equipment has the following requirements:

The voltage fluctuation of the power grid is controlled between +10% and -15%. However, China’s power supply has large fluctuations and poor quality. It also hides interference such as high-frequency pulses, plus human factors (such as sudden pull-off Electricity, etc.). During peak hours, for example, about an hour before going to work or off work in the daytime and at night, there are often more out-of-tolerances, even reaching ±20%. It makes the machine tool alarm and cannot work normally, and causes damage to the machine tool power system. It may even cause the loss of related parameter data. This phenomenon has occurred in machine tools such as CNC machining centers or turning centers, and has a high frequency, which has attracted attention.

It is recommended to configure an AC voltage regulator power supply system with automatic compensation and adjustment function in the workshop where CNC machine tools are concentrated; a single CNC machine tool can be configured with an AC voltage regulator to solve it.

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Date:2019-08-16 10:25

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