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What is the method of voltage regulator selection

Selection method of AC voltage regulator:
1. The capacity safety factor AC regulated power supply is based on the output apparent power (kVA) as the nominal rated capacity, and under normal circumstances the load is not purely resistive, that is, the power factor COS¢≠1, the regulator can actually output Active power kW=capacity (kVA)×COS¢.
Therefore, in the actual selection, the power supply should be reasonably selected according to the specific conditions of the rated power, power factor and load type of the electrical equipment. The output power should have an appropriate margin, especially when the impact load is selected. To be greater, the specific selection safety factor is shown in the table below. The load type equipment type safety factor selects stabilized power supply capacity, purely resistive load, incandescent lamp, resistance wire, electric furnace and other equipment.1.25~1.5 times the total load power inductance and capacitance Load fluorescent lamps, fans, motors, water pumps, air conditioners, computers, refrigerators, etc. 2 ~ 3 ≥ 2 ~ 3 times the total power of the load, large inductive, capacitive loads (such as motors, computers) environment, the load should be considered when selecting the model The starting current is extremely large (up to 5 to 8 times the rated current), so when selecting the capacity of the regulator, it should be 2.5 to 3 times the load power.
Such as: three-phase motor 2.2kW 1 set, 5.5 kW 1 set, when the voltage regulator is selected, the capacity ≥ (2.2kW + 5.5 kW) × 2.5 = 19.25 kVA, that is, at least three three-phase SBW-20 kVA products Phase AC voltage regulator.

2. Output capacity curve of non-compensated AC voltage stabilizer Auto-coupled AC voltage stabilizer (single-phase 0.5kVA~3kVA. 10k horizontal and below, three-phase 9kVA and below) When the input phase voltage is lower than 198V, the output capacity It starts to drop; when the input phase voltage is equal to 160V, it drops to 50% of the rated capacity of the voltage regulator. Therefore, special attention should be paid to reduce the load derating at the low end of the power supply voltage, so as not to burn the regulator overload; The voltage can output 220V and 110V at the same time. But even when all are output by 110V, the load carried by the voltage regulator cannot exceed 50% of the rated capacity, otherwise it is overloaded.

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