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Application of Voltage Regulator in Smart Grid

Mobile substation

Today, many computers and electronic devices are used in intelligent buildings. Computers and other automation equipment generally have weaknesses such as low insulation strength, high quality requirements for power supplies, and poor overvoltage tolerance, so that these highly sensitive electronic systems often run program errors due to the influence of power supply during operation. Failures such as data errors, time errors, crashes, unexplained restarts, and even permanent damage to electrical equipment cause huge losses. For this reason, in intelligent buildings, it is necessary to study the power supply quality and implement effective protective measures.

Technical indicators of power quality
The technical indicators for measuring the quality of power supply mainly include voltage fluctuation, frequency fluctuation, harmonics and three-phase unbalance. The quality of power supply will be affected by many factors. Such as load changes, the use of a large number of non-linear loads, the influence of higher harmonics, the input and disconnection of power factor compensation capacitors, lightning and man-made faults, and public facilities. Such as the operation of motors, elevators, etc. will affect the quality of the power supply and reduce the quality of the power supply.

Voltage fluctuation
The waveform of the ideal power supply voltage sine wave is continuous, smooth and without distortion, and its amplitude and frequency are stable. When the load increases significantly, especially when there is a large device in the vicinity of the system to start, the amplitude of the sine wave of the power supply is often affected.

Low voltage is generated. When the power supply voltage fluctuation exceeds the allowable range, it will cause errors in the calculation of the computer and sophisticated electronic equipment or even make the power failure detection circuit of the computer mistaken for the power failure and issue a power failure processing signal?? Affect the normal operation of the computer. The allowable voltage fluctuation range of general computers is AC380V, 220V±5%, when the voltage is reduced to 70% of the rated voltage. The computer is regarded as an interruption. For this reason, the "Code for Design of Electronic Computer Room" GB50174-93 "hereinafter referred to as the "Code" clearly stipulates that the voltage fluctuations are divided into three levels of A, B, and C


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Date:2019-08-15 15:35

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