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What are the three representations of sinusoidal alternating current

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The three representations of sinusoidal alternating current generally have four representations: analytical, curvilinear, rotational vector and symbolic. Here introduces the first three representations: 

(1) Analytical method: also known as trigonometric representation, is the basic representation of sinusoidal alternating current. It uses a trigonometric function to express the relationship of sinusoidal alternating current with time. 

 (2) curve method: It is to use the trigonometric function formula to find the corresponding angle and corresponding instantaneous value at a time, and then draw a sinusoidal curve in the plane rectangular coordinate system. Also called the curve graph or waveform graph.

 (3) Rotation vector method: In mathematics, we already know a quantity that has both size and direction, called a vector, and when a vector rotates counterclockwise around a point at an angular velocity, we call it rotation Vector. The above is the basic knowledge of sinusoidal alternating current. 

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