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What are the advantages of using ground distance protection

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The biggest advantage of the grounding distance protection is that the protection range of the instantaneous section is fixed, and it is easier to obtain the second section of grounding protection with shorter delay and sufficient sensitivity. It is especially suitable for the first and second section protection of short lines. For short circuits, a viable grounding protection method is to protect the first and second sections of the grounding distance and supplement it with complete zero-sequence current protection.

The two types of protection are coordinated with each other, and each has its own responsibility: the grounding distance protection is used to obtain the instantaneous protection section of the line and the second section protection of the whole line with a short time limit and sufficient sensitivity; the zero-sequence current protection. The main task is to protect high-resistance faults to ensure reliable selectivity with the zero-sequence current protection of adjacent lines.

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Date:2019-07-10 10:35

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