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Lighting distribution system

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1. Lighting and power distribution should use a combination of radial and trunk systems.

2. Each phase load of the three-phase distribution trunk line should be distributed and balanced, the maximum phase load should not exceed 115% of the average value of the three-phase load, and the minimum phase load should not be less than 85% of the average value of the three-phase load. 

3. The distribution box should be set It is near the center of the lighting load for easy operation and maintenance.

4. The current of each single-phase branch should not exceed 16A, and the number of connected light sources should not exceed 25; when connecting a combination lamp, the loop current should not exceed 25A, and the number of light sources should not exceed 60; the single-phase branch circuit for HID lamps The current should not exceed 30A. 

5. Single-phase branch circuits should be separately equipped with protective appliances, and three-phase circuit breakers should not be used to protect and control the three single-phase branch circuits.

6. The socket should not be connected to the same branch circuit as the lighting lamp. Three-phase AC voltage regulator price

7. In addition to the distribution circuit with protective appliances, each lamp should be equipped with a separate protective appliance. 

8. When the lighting of audience halls, competition venues, etc., is accessed by people in the ceiling, and the power of a single lamp is 250W or more, each lamp should be equipped with a separate protective electrical appliance.

9. The distribution circuit for gas discharge lamps should be equipped with capacitance compensation in the circuit or lamps so that the power factor is not less than 0.9. 

10. Where the stroboscopic effect of gas discharge lamps has a visual impact, use an inductive ballast At the same time, adjacent lamps should be tapped in different phase sequences to reduce the stroboscopic depth. 

11. Residential buildings should hold households to set electric energy meters, factories should press workshops, office buildings should hold households or units to set up meters.

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