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Electricity is a high-quality secondary energy that is easy to use and is widely used in various fields of national economy and people's livelihood. The development of energy in the world today is centered on electricity. According to the estimation of relevant data: stabilizers ranges from power generation to power supply, and stabilizers to the power consumption process. All electrical equipment in the generalized power system consumes about 28% of the electricity generated. %-33%.

Based on China’s power generation in 2002, isolation transformers for the whole country will be 463.2 billion kWh-5458 billion kWh of electrical energy loss in the running electrical equipment, which is equivalent to 10 medium power consumption. The sum of electricity consumption saved. This shows that the power saving potential is very large. 

In order to ensure the rapid and stable development of the national economy, it is of great significance to seek a way to save electricity without relying on material investment and relying on high and new technologies. The economic operation of the power grid is a connotative power-saving technology that achieves obvious power-saving effects without material investment.

Date:2019-12-05 09:50

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