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What are the precautions when using low-voltage distribution boxes

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Strict management and proper use of low-voltage distribution boxes are essential measures to reduce electrical accidents. To do a good job in its management and use, the principle of "level management, line management" must be implemented, the system is clear, and each has its own responsibilities. 

(1) The equipment power department shall respond to each low-voltage distribution box number, registration, and file establishment. Regular technical inspection and determination. 

(2) The maintenance electrician should conduct inspections on the distribution box. If there is severe heating of the components, the cause should be identified. The loose wiring should be tightened. The dust and debris in the box should be cleaned in time to keep it clean.

(3) Operators are not allowed to stack and hang work pieces and other objects within 1.2 meters in front of the distribution box door. No water can accumulate around the distribution box. Non-electricians are not allowed to disassemble electrical components. 

(4) It is strictly forbidden to pull the brake on and off with a load to avoid accidents caused by excessive electric arc burning the distribution components or causing operator burns and scalds.

Date:2020-01-21 09:35

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