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Quality control measures during electrical engineering installation and commissioning

EPC project

What are the quality control measures during electrical engineering installation and commissioning?

1. First model the wiring in the distribution box and the wire box. The metal distribution box door and the box body should be connected with a ground wire. The wiring is neat and the crimping is firm. The multi-strand wire must be tinned before crimping. The identification of each circuit is clear. And then start a full-scale implementation to prevent problems that are only discovered after a lot of work is done, rework is difficult, and the progress is affected.
2. The connection of the ground wire and the reservation of the ground terminal should meet the requirements of the specification; the lightning protection of the metal doors and windows of the outer wall, the railing and the metal parts of the roof is the key, and the process should be well connected to prevent the omission; the grounding of the equipment shell should be perfect.
3. The work is required to be carried out according to procedures. For example, all cables, plug-in buses, wires, and equipment must pass the insulation test before they can be commissioned. It is strictly forbidden to send power on the basis of "experience" or "feel".
4. The operation and debugging of the equipment shall be carried out according to the principle of first no-load, then load, and then single-unit, then linkage. And should first adjust the adjustable components such as thermal relay to the specified value of the design, and also verify the reliability of electrical and mechanical performance within the specified continuous operation time. 
5. For the parts with suspended ceilings, focus on checking whether the wires in the suspended ceilings are laid through the pipes; the layout of the electric pipes should be horizontal and straight; whether the junction box is installed with covers; whether the metal hoses are too long; whether the lamps are fixed as required; Whether the pipe is provided with a hanger and a special pipe clamp as required, it should not be arbitrarily fixed on the ceiling keel. Steel pipe installation should also pay attention to the reliable and firm connection of the joint and the continuous and reliable grounding of the electric pipe.

6. Although the commissioning of the dual power supply end switching is relatively simple in implementation, problems often arise because it is too simple, not valued, or the coordination between various types of work is not good. (For example, some projects have occurred, and the backup power supply cannot carry the load, because the setting value of the switch is not set according to the design requirements; the dual power supply end switching box cannot be automatically switched during the backup power supply, only because the secondary circuit transfer switch is not activated To the automatic position; the phase sequence is not checked by the backup power supply circuit, and the motor is reversed due to the reverse phase sequence.) 

7. The control of fire pumps involves control such as depressurization starting, manual on site, manual control in fire control room, automatic starting of pumps in case of fire, main and standby mutual investment, and often involves several installation and debugging units. Problems in coordination and coordination, plus some small defects in individual designs, which affect the commissioning and acceptance, electrical technicians must be familiar with the design drawings and secondary circuit diagrams and control schematics provided by the manufacturer in advance, and discover or foresee possible problems early. And make a deal. This part of the debugging is very critical, and sometimes a small problem will affect the acceptance of the entire fire protection project. 

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Date:2020-07-18 08:35

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