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What are the requirements of electrical appliances for indoor wiring

container substation

(1) In order to make the indoor wiring neat and beautiful, without destroying the indoor decoration effect, the clear distribution line should be installed horizontally and vertically, and the color of the selected wire should be coordinated with the indoor decoration.

(2) The line should reduce the joints as much as possible to avoid accidents due to excessive contact resistance at the joints or reduced insulation strength. If there is a connector, the connector should be placed in the junction box, switch box or lamp box, otherwise the crimping or welding process should be adopted, and the contact resistance and insulation at the connector should meet the specified requirements. 

(3) For the wiring laid through the pipe, no joints are allowed in the pipe. If there is a joint, the joint should be placed in the switch box, lamp box or junction box. 

(4) The wiring method should be determined according to the usage environment. In dry places, plastic sheathed pipes should be used for wiring, but wire pipes should be used in accessible places; in wet places, porcelain bottles should be used to improve the insulation level, but in accessible places, for To strengthen the protection of conductors, open pipe wiring should be used; in corrosive, flammable, explosive and particularly humid places, dark pipe wiring should be used. 

Date:2020-01-24 10:55

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