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What are the methods for installing the terminal limit device

MV switchgear

End limit devices include forced deceleration switchges and end limit switches. They are installed in the hoistway. The installation method is as follows:

At the place where the overrun of the hoistway pit and the top station is restricted, two angle steels are respectively stuck on the back of the car guide rail.  stabilizer fixes the limit 2 with a bolt to the angle steel bracket and makes Its vertical. Adjust the touch wheel of deceleration switch and limit switch. Align it vertically with the center of the iron (plate) on the car. Stabilized power supply and test the action when the car goes over the two end stations of the upper F. When the iron hits the limit switch and the wheel. The internal electrical contacts are opened. The electrical contacts are automatically reset when the price of the three-phase isolation transformer touches the iron and leaves. For some models of elevators, the terminal limit devices have been combined into a box or limit switch group at the factory to facilitate installation.

Date:2020-01-22 10:50

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