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What are the tips for switch socket installation

MV switchgear

Tips for switch socket installation:

1. The switch socket can not be installed on the flower piece and waist line of the ceramic tile. 

2. When the bottom box of the switch socket is open in the ceramic tile, the frame cannot be larger than 2mm larger than the bottom box, nor can it be formed into a round hole. In order to ensure that the switch and socket are installed in the future, the side of the bottom box should be as flat as possible with the ceramic tile, so that there is no need to find longer screws when installing it later. 

3. There should be no more than two tiles damaged in the location of the switch socket, and try to install it in the middle of the tile. 

4. The opening at the faucet must be formed into a round hole, not a square hole, and cannot be formed into a "U" shape, and then fill a piece in the "U" shape hole, the size of the opening cannot exceed 2mm of the pipe diameter Above, and the edge of the water outlet must also be flush with the tile.

Date:2020-01-16 09:35

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