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What are the operating rules for overhead lines in mining areas

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(1) Before overhauling the overhead lines and poles in the mining area, they must be fully inspected by the monitor or person in charge, and they are indeed free of defects and do not endanger personal safety and operational safety before they can be operated.
(2) For ascending operations of overhead lines, the personnel must be carefully inspected for ascending poles in accordance with the ascending operation regulations, whether they are intact and reliable, and small ropes should be used for transferring items up and down, and guardians should be placed under the poles. The guardian must wear a safety helmet and keep a certain distance to prevent the operator from dropping the tools and causing casualties.
(3) Work on the same high-voltage and low-voltage lines. When one line is live, the workshop shall take safety measures and report to the director of the factory for approval before the operation can be carried out.
(4) When two or more low-voltage lines with the same pole are repaired during production, due to the power outage affecting the production of important positions, professional mine managers must monitor on the spot to carry out this operation.
(5) The line patrol shall be conducted at least once a quarter and once a year for pole inspection (including wiping porcelain bottles, the patrol inspection unit shall have records for future reference). The arc and parallelism of the wires shall meet the requirements.
(6) It is strictly forbidden to work on overhead lines when there is strong wind above level 5. Three-phase AC regulated power supply price

Date:2020-01-03 10:20

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