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What is the specific method of on-site first aid when an electric shock occurs?

1. Quickly release the power supply: When an electric shock occurs, you must not panic and do nothing. First, immediately cut off the power supply to get the patient out of the current damage state. This is the primary factor for the success of the rescue, because when the electric shock accident occurs, the current We will continue to pass the electric shock. From the factors that affect the stimulation of the current on the human body, we know that the longer the electric shock, the more serious the damage to the human body. In order to protect the patient, the power should be cut off immediately. Secondly, when the patient is electrocuted, there is current passing through the body, which has become a charged body, which is a serious threat to the rescuer. If you do not pay attention to safety, the rescuer will also be electrocuted. Therefore, the patient must be disconnected from the power supply before rescue. 

There are many ways to get patients out of power:
A. When there is a power switch and a power plug near the accident, you can immediately open the gate and pull the plug to cut off the power. However, ordinary light switches (such as cable pull switches) can only turn off one line, and sometimes it is not necessary to turn off the phase line, so it cannot be considered that the power supply is turned off.

B. When the live wire touches the human body and cannot be touched by other methods, the wire can be removed with an insulated object (such as a wooden stick, bamboo pole, gloves, etc.) to disconnect the patient from the power supply.

C. If necessary, use insulated tools (such as electrician pliers with insulated handles, axe with wooden handle and hoe, etc.) to cut off the power supply. In short, there are two problems that need to be paid attention to when the site can be adapted to local conditions, various methods are used flexibly, and the power is quickly cut off and released.

A. After being disconnected from the power supply, the human muscles will no longer be stimulated by the current and will immediately relax. The patient may fall on his own, causing new trauma (such as skull base fracture), especially at high altitudes. Therefore, it is necessary to have corresponding measures to cope with the disconnection of the power supply to avoid such situations and aggravate the condition.

B. Pay attention to safety when disconnecting the power supply. Never accidentally injure another person and expand the accident.

2. Simple diagnosis: After the power is removed, the patient is often in a comatose state, the situation is unknown, so the heartbeat and breathing condition should be judged as soon as possible to see if it is in a "fake death" state, because only a clear diagnosis can be timely and correct Get first aid. Patients in the state of "fake death", because the tissues in the whole body are in a state of severe hypoxia, the situation is very dangerous, so a complete set of routine methods cannot be used for systematic examination. Only some simple and effective methods can be used to judge whether it is "fake death" and the type of "fake death", which achieves the purpose of simple diagnosis. The specific method is as follows: quickly move the patient who is disconnected from the power source to a relatively ventilated and dry place, let him lie on his back, and relax his jacket and trousers.

A. Observe whether there is breathing. When breathing, we can see that the muscles of the chest corridor and the abdomen move up and down with the breathing. Put it by hand on the nostril, you can feel the flow of gas when you breathe. On the contrary, without the above phenomenon, it is often that breathing has stopped.

B. Touch the arteries in the neck and the femoral arteries in the groin, whether there is a pulse, because when there is a heartbeat, there must be a pulse. Both the carotid and femoral arteries are large arteries and are superficially located, so it is easy to feel their pulsation, so it is often used as a basis for whether there is a heartbeat. In addition, in the precardiac area, you can also listen to whether there is a heartbeat, and if there is a heartbeat, there is a heartbeat.

C. Take a look at whether the pupil is dilated. The pupil is a bit like the aperture of the camera, but the human pupil is an aperture that is automatically adjusted by the brain. When the brain cells are normal, the size of the pupil will automatically adjust with the change of the external light, so that the light intensity entering the eye Moderate and easy to watch. When in the "fake death" state, the brain cells are severely deprived of oxygen and are on the verge of death, so the center of the entire automatic adjustment system loses its function, and the pupil expands on its own, which can no longer regulate the strength of the light, so Dilated pupils indicate that the brain tissue cells are severely hypoxic, and the human body is in a state of "fake death". Through the above simple examination.

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Date:2020-07-08 17:04

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