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What are the common methods to judge whether the equipment in operation is hot?

MV switchgear

To determine whether the device is hot during operation, the following methods are commonly used:
(1) The monitoring method of temperature test wax tablets;
(2) Hot air observation method; three-phase AC voltage regulator price
(3) Observation method of the color-changing film, observe whether the main contact part is seriously discolored; the price of three-phase AC stabilized power
(4) Observe the melting of frost and snow; the price of the three-phase isolation transformer
(5) Observe the local dryness and steam in the rain;
(6) Method of live test with a wax stick;
(7) The method of live test with a thermometer;
(8) Night patrol inspection with lights off.

Date:2020-03-13 09:35

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