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1. Determine the load level: the main content of the load of 1, 2, and 3;
2. Load calculation: According to the equipment information provided by the equipment professional, the load calculation is classified and the total load is calculated; this calculation book should be submitted with the drawings at the initial stage of review and filed at the same time;
3. For large and medium-sized projects (greater than 5000m2), the professional person in charge should provide more than two power distribution system solutions to the professional committee for discussion and comparison and the project work meeting to determine the design plan, and submit the plan to the owner to assist the owner in cooperating The power supply department determines the final power supply plan; the price of the three-phase isolation transformer
4. According to the determined transformation and distribution plan, put forward the requirements of the number of power sources and the number of circuits, and ask the owner where the power source comes from; determine the wiring type and operation mode of the high and low voltage power supply system; determine the power supply mode of important equipment; make it clear whether it needs to be set Standby power supply; 
5. Determine the number, location and area of ​​the distribution station, draw a flat section of the equipment layout;
6. Draw a vertical system diagram and mark the number and object name of each distribution box;
7. Determine the main laying routes of distribution trunk lines; determine the location and area of ​​each main distribution room and electrical tube well;
8. Draw a plan of the distribution trunk line and mark the location and number of the main distribution box.

Date:2020-04-17 10:20

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