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The basic methods of inspection are mainly equipment, materials, finished products and semi-finished products. On-site inspection work is sufficient to stop the construction management. The work process and inspection structure must have written evidence and records. The inspection work should be attended by the construction unit and the supervision unit. I: The unit is the main unit, and the supervision unit confirms it. 

Carefully check and check the varieties, specifications, models, quality, quantity, packaging, etc. of the materials entering the site. Strictly check and accept according to different purchases and relevant standards to be accurate. 

The acceptance of materials should be timely and accurate without delay, and the acceptance should be completed as soon as possible. If there is a problem, submit the acceptance record in time, and report it to the responsible purchasing staff so that it can be resolved. 

After the materials have passed the acceptance check, the acceptance checklist should be processed in time. At the same time, the invoice, waybill, detailed list, packing list, and product certificate should be checked. After checking the correctness, the signature should be entered and checked in time.

For the objections sent to qualified laboratories for testing, the test results are described in the test report, after the parties to the disagreement to confirm whether they meet the requirements, meet the requirements before they can be used, if they do not meet the requirements, they should return the goods or do other processing.

Approval of new electrical equipment, appliances and materials that enter the market in accordance with legal procedures is accepted for acceptance. Because new and few people know, there must be new installation technical requirements. There are specific regulations for use and maintenance, so installation and use should be provided. 

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