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Acceptance of imported electrical equipment, appliances, and materials

MV switchgear

The acceptance of imported electrical equipment, appliances and materials shall be subject to the supplier’s inspection certificate and Chinese quality certification documents, specifications, models, performance test reports, and Chinese installation, use, maintenance, and test requirements, and other technical documents.

Key points for inspection are transformers, box-type substations, high-voltage electrical appliances, and electric porcelain products. 

Check the certificate and accompanying technical documents, the transformer has factory test records; the certificate indicates that the manufacturer has done relevant tests and tests and meets the standards, can be shipped out of the market, and also shows that the manufacturer's commitment to product quality and bear the relevant quality legal responsibility. The factory test record is very important, and the results of the handover test should be compared with the factory test record to determine whether it is improper during transportation, storage, and installation, resulting in damage or variation in the internal structure of the transformer. 

Appearance inspection: There is a nameplate, complete accessories, insulation defects, and cracks, oil-filled parts are not leaking, the pressure indication of the gas-filled high-pressure equipment is normal, and the coating is complete. By inspecting the surface of equipment, utensils, and materials for defects, to determine whether they have been damaged due to improper transportation or storage before arriving at the construction site, especially the parts of electric porcelain, oil-filled and inflated should be carefully inspected.

Date:2020-05-22 11:05

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