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Building electrical knowledge: the selection of products at different altitudes

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If the product label is G4, it means that all the performance of the product meets the requirement of altitude at 4 km, and other altitudes need to be negotiated by the user and the manufacturer. If the product label is G2.5, it means that the product can be used at an altitude of -5 km. In theory, the higher the altitude, the thinner the air, and the harsher the evaluation of the product's electrical performance, insulation performance, and temperature rise. If 5 km is available, there should be no problem below 5 km. But for products that involve thermal tripping, if the thermal tripping parameters adjusted on the basis of 5 km are used below the altitude, the product will lag tripping, otherwise, the product may lead ahead. Therefore, for products that are applicable within a certain altitude range, the manufacturer should ensure that the thermal tripping characteristics meet the product standard requirements at different altitudes, otherwise, the correction factor should be given.

High prototype. MCB for G series plateau is a new series of ABB's series of terminal protection products. It is a special high-prototype miniature circuit breaker product specially developed by the company combining years of circuit breaker production experience and the environmental characteristics of the plateau area. All performances are designed according to the conditions of 5 km, to ensure the reliable operation of the product in the plateau environment.

While adhering to the many features of the integrated metal operating mechanism and contact position indication of the s260 series miniature circuit breakers, the company especially selected the wet unsaturated polyester in thermosetting plastics for the characteristics of high-temperature difference and high ultraviolet intensity in the plateau environment The material is used as the shell material of the miniature circuit breaker for the plateau. 

In addition to excellent thermosetting plastic properties such as high-temperature resistance, long-term open flame until carbonization, no deformation and melting, high temperature burning process does not produce any toxic gases, it is also resistant to high-energy radiation (which does not occur under high-energy radiation) Degradation and cross-linking, half-life dose >30 kG), no shrinkage, cracking, color stability and other characteristics after forming, accompanied by the improvement of internal core operating components, make the s260-series plateau miniature circuit breakers have stronger and more Reliable performance and electrical performance. 

The products are in full compliance with GB 10963.1 "Electrical Accessories-Overcurrent Protection Circuit Breakers for Household and Similar Places Part One:
Circuit breaker for AC" and GB/T XXXX-200x "Technical Requirements for Low-voltage Electrical Apparatus for Plateau in Special Environmental Conditions". It is suitable for overload and short circuit fault protection of the terminal power distribution system in the plateau area with an altitude of 2-5 km. 

The G series miniature circuit breaker for plateau has a high electrical insulation level and safety design. The product's impact withstands voltage level reaches 5 kV (5 km above sea level). It is suitable for industrial environments with pollution level 3, and the product uses clear and intuitive contacts. The position indicating device satisfies the electrical isolation requirements stipulated in GB 14048.3 (IEc60947.3) "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment Part 3: Switches, isolators, isolating switches and fuse combination appliances" in all directions. At the same time, the product reaches the protection level of IP20 in all directions.

A series of MCB for plateau can cooperate with various accessories and accessories of s2 series, users can freely install and combine according to their needs, so as to give full play to the protection, control and fault indication of circuit breakers.

Date:2020-05-11 09:35

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