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It is suitable for residential quarters, urban public changes, bustling downtown, construction power supply, etc., users can choose box-type changes according to different use conditions and load levels. Since the advent of box-type substations, development has been extremely rapid, with 70% of distribution transformers in developed countries in Europe and 90% in the United States. The rapid development of China's urban modernization and the continuous updating and transformation of the urban distribution network will surely be widely used.

For substations, China has imported and copied box-type substations from France, Germany, and other countries since the late 1970s. The structure uses high and low voltage switch cabinets and transformers. This kind of box-type substation is called a European-style substation. The image is likened to building a house for high and low voltage switch cabinets and transformers. From the 1990s onwards, China introduced the American substation, structurally simplifies the structure of load switches, ring network switches, and fuses into transformer oil tanks and immersed in oil. Arrester also uses an oil-immersed zinc oxide arrester. The oil pillow of the transformer is removed, and the oil tank and radiator are exposed to the air. This kind of tank change is called an American tank change. The image is like a box hanging next to the transformer.

Substation is a compact complete set of medium voltage switchgear distribution transformers, low voltage switchgear, electrical energy measurement equipment and reactive power compensation devices combined in one or more boxes according to certain wiring. Electric device. It is suitable for three-phase AC systems with a rated voltage of 10/0.4KV, as a line and for distribution of electrical energy.

Compared with the European-style substation of the same capacity, the American substation has a more reasonable structure. Because the European-style substation is to install the transformer and ordinary high voltage electrical equipment in the same metal shell box, the transformer room temperature is very high, causing difficulty in heat dissipation, affecting the output; on the other hand, the ordinary high voltage load switch and fuse are used in the box Switch, low voltage switchgear, so the European-style box becomes larger. American substation and European substation are different in structure. From the layout point of view, its low voltage room, transformer room, and high-voltage room are not mesh-shaped layout, but product-shaped layout. From a structural point of view, this box-type variation is divided into two parts: the front and back parts are high and low voltage operation intervals. The operation interval includes high and low voltage terminals, load switch operating handle, no-load voltage regulation sub-switch, plug-in fuse Device, oil level gauge, etc.; the rear is the oil filling tank and heat sink, put the transformer winding, iron core, high voltage load switch, and fuse into the transformer oil tank.

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