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How to do the safety inspection of high and low voltage switchgear

MV switchgear

The medium and low voltage switchgear have the functions of overhead access line, cable entrance and exit line, busbar connection, and so on. It is mainly applicable to various places such as power plants, substations, petrochemicals, metallurgical steel rolling, light industrial textiles, factories and mines, residential quarters, medium-rise buildings, and so on.

1. The width, depth, and height of the cabinet of the medium and low voltage switchgear meet the requirements of the drawings, the deviation of the diagonal size is ≤±2mm, and the dimensions of other key parts of the cabinet of the power distribution cabinet meet the requirements.

2. All kinds of connectors, installation plates, rings, etc. of the medium and low voltage switchgear are installed correctly and connected tightly.

3. The front and rear doors can be opened and closed freely, and the door opening angle is >90°.

4. The painted parts of the medium and low voltage switchgear are free from scratches, cracks, blisters, etc. The color is uniform and meets the requirements.

5. Doors, door locks, hinges, lock levers, etc. are installed correctly, and the gap is rejected; doors, sealing plates, etc. are not swaying.

6. The switchgear, instrument panel, door panel, etc. are well-grounded, and the grounding bolts are free of paint and other dirt.

7. Mounting plates, brackets, cable entry, and exit holes, etc. that are likely to cause injury to the human operation or wire injury shall be protected.

8. The interior of the switchgear is clean and free of foreign objects, and there are no oil stains, dirt, dust, and other garbage on the inner and outer surfaces of the sealing plate and the door.

The medium and low voltage switchgear is an electrical device. The external line first enters the main control switch in the cabinet, and then enters the sub-control switch. Each branch is set according to its needs. Such as instruments, automatic control, motor magnetic switches, various AC contactors, etc., some are also equipped with medium-voltage room and low-voltage room switchgears, with medium-voltage busbars, such as power plants, etc., and some have low-frequency to protect the main equipment Load shedding.

Date:2020-05-29 10:05

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