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Common terms and explanations of MV switchgear

mv switchgear

MV switchgear is important electrical equipment, but many people do not understand the terminology on the switchgear. As a professional enterprise specializing in the development, design, manufacture, sales, and service of high and low voltage complete switchgear and automation system control, here is for everyone Share some common switchboard terminology and explanations of some difficult problems.

1. Combined overvoltage monitor for low-voltage switchgear and high-voltage switchgear
Professional explanation: Indicate the working conditions of the three-phase combined product, divided into 6-channel display computer monitoring device.

2. Operating overvoltage
Professional explanation: The transition process of the electromagnetic energy produced when the operation or fault in the power system changes its working state. The general duration is in the order of milliseconds.

3. Metal oxide resistors
Professional explanation: A chip resistor with good nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics, made of zinc oxide as the main component, added with other multi-element metal oxides and sintered at high temperature.

4. Three-phase combined
Professional explanation: Overvoltage limiter connection method suitable for low-voltage switchgear and high-voltage switchgear 35kV and below AC non-effective grounding system, which can simultaneously limit phase-phase and phase-ground operation overvoltage.

5. Metal oxide surge arrester
Professional explanation: Arrester composed of metal oxide resistors connected in series or parallel, with or without a discharge gap.

6. Series gap structure
Professional explanation: A structure composed of a series of non-linear resistors and a discharge gap.

7. Leakage current
Professional explanation: The current flowing through the product when the specified voltage is applied to the series gap products without gaps or without equalizing system.

8. Equalization system of discharge gap
Professional explanation: a device used to connect the low voltage switchgear and the high voltage switchgear with the appropriate discharge gap to the low voltage switchgear and the high voltage switchgear with the special voltage equalizing capacitor, resistor and internal voltage equalizing electrode. It is a unique structure of products with gaps.

Date:2020-05-20 09:40

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