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5.20 --- Say your "love"


This day is for profession of LOVE, the most romantic day of the year, the infinite tenderness and honey of this day will be freely released, sincere desire and expectation are waiting to be answered, heart to heart collision, hitting the spark of eternal love.

Knkong Electric is a  professional switchgear manufacturer for EPC(Engineering Procurement Construction), we can product 3.6~40.5KV switchgear, such as 7.2KV switchgear, 11KV switchgear, 33KV switchgear and so on. We can design and assembly switchgear as customer's SLD(Single-line diagram).We can also provide OEM customized services.

How can we, Knkong, an active and energetic family, fall into the trend of the times. The 520 confession day event starts at Knkong restaurant at 12:30 on time!
Open the heart warmly and write our best wishes to parents, lovers, friends, and colleagues in the most sincere words. When I first got the card, many colleagues couldn't write, maybe it was just what we wanted to say to the loved ones, I don't know where to start. I hope we can all say a word to the person we love today-I love you!


Game time:
First: Oh, god!. hand-wrestling, this is a fierce collision of power and wisdom! Everyone actively participated in this event, did not flinch, and tried their best! Just like when we are at work, no matter how big the problem is, we will face it and try our best.

Second: the embrace of love, to enhance the feelings between everyone, not just a hug, but also heart-to-heart contact.

Third: "Zeus and Roxanne",  guessing puzzles can promote the tacit and emotional communication between us

In the end, our employees in various departments cut the flower arrangements with their own hands, and gave them to the department managers who have always led us forward, and passed our blessings and our love to them!

Date:2019-05-20 10:40

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