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Christmas Eve

Knkong family

Christmas Eve refers to the evening of December 24, English is called Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve), Christmas Eve is also used to indicate the day before Christmas.
Christmas Eve is traditionally a day to decorate the Christmas tree. Family members gather together to decorate the Christmas tree and send gifts to each other to celebrate overnight. So Christmas Eve is also a happy, peaceful, and carnival reunion night.

Knkong family‘s Christmas tree
For Knkong, every employee is the closest family member. On this day of mutual blessing, we decorated the Christmas tree which belongs to all the Knkong family!

Christmas needs a full sense of ceremony. Bling antlers headdress; playful Christmas hat; and Santa bracelet. join us!

Knkong sent everyone an apple one by one and also pinned our beautiful blessings, I hope everyone will be safe and happy in the new year. Apple in Chinese also called "Ping An Guo" which is a beautiful wish to bless a safe and happy life.
Come, write blessings, draw pictures, and give them to the people you loved!

The coming of Christmas every year also means that the Chinese New Year is coming soon. What are the expectations for the new year? What are your blessings and wishes?
Write a wish card, make a pious wish to the Christmas tree, the moment you hang it, it is the beginning of the wish come true.

One more thing
Christmas Eve means peace,
Christmas day, everyone is happy!
By the coming of Christmas Eve,
we hope friends know how to cherish,
we look forward to my friends cherishing themselves,
Here we sincerely wish all friends:
May peace and happiness be always around you and your family.

Date:2019-12-24 10:20

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