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Knkong Electric hosts the Thanksgiving party

It's just to let you say what you didn't express gratitude on a normal day.
Now there is a justified reason.
On this day, we grateful for everything
Bravely say "thank you".

Life always is busy, and persistence always difficult.
There is some friendship, be invincible
At this moment, give the encouragement of Knkong friends
Thank you for your hard work
Thank you for working together
Growing all the way, accompany all the way
Laugh together and warm each other
May time not grow old, we will not leave

Thanksgiving day

With our full of blessings and mysterious gifts

Under the glittering lights, all kinds of gifts piled up on the desktop, waiting for everyone to receive them.

The holiday of thanksgiving does not matter to the subordinates, hug each other and say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Everyone was holding a gift in their arms and laughing and laughing. Although it was a cold winter, their hearts were warm.

Knkong Electric, switchgear company, is a  professional switchgear manufacturer for EPC(Engineering Procurement Construction)

We will spend together on Thanksgiving in 2019. There are countless days to be grateful in the future. We look forward to sharing joy with you and singing thanksgiving with you!

Date:2019-11-28 16:45

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