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Solar Terms:XIAO XUE

Xiaoxue is the 20th of the twenty-four solar terms. The starting point is on November 22 or 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year. The sun reaches 240° of the yellow longitude, which is called Xiaoxue.

Winter is coming
In Xiaoxue's solar terms, the weather is cold and gloomy and the light is less, it is easy to cause or aggravate depression at this time, so you should adjust your mentality, stay optimistic, and often participate in some outdoor activities to enhance physical fitness.

Get more sun and listen to music. Wu Shang, a medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, said: "The disease of the seven emotions, look at the flowers to relieve boredom, and listen to music to ease the worries.

Traditional medicine attaches great importance to the effect of sunlight on human health and believes that constant solar energy can help the human body's yang, especially in winter, because nature is in a "yin and yang" state, and people are no exception. It can also play the role of Zhuang people's yang and warm meridians.

From the perspective of Western medicine, more sun exposure in winter can supplement vitamin D, which is beneficial to the body's absorption of calcium; sunlight can help synthesize serotonin and help overcome depression.

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In addition, in a cold and dry room, most people feel that their mouth and nose are dry, and it seems that they are about to catch fire. It is recommended that you can drink more hot soup, such as cabbage tofu soup, spinach tofu soup, lamb white radish soup, etc., which is both warm and tonic. Cabbage and radishes in this season are all seasonal foods, rich in vitamins and various trace elements. Moreover, white radish can clear fire and reduce gas consumption and is very suitable for consumption in this solar term.

Date:2019-11-22 15:35

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