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Happiness comes out of struggle

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The ending of the year is the busiest time for Knkong people. Every year from October to February, Knkong people will face a new round of sweet challenges-sweetness is due to a year of hard work and finally ushered in the great fruits, The challenge is that extraordinary times require extraordinary courage.

The on-column circuit breakers and electric energy metering boxes that lined up neatly and waited for departure were like a group of solemn soldiers waiting for review, carrying Knkong Electric's loyal commitment to customers and relying on the hard work of all employees of Knkong.

Comprehensive planning and overall management
Extraordinary times require extraordinary leadership
To ensure orderly and efficient production
They "look ahead and look back"

The dust-free production line in the workshop is coordinated by partners in an orderly way, not only delivering products but also trust and mutual assistance between colleagues.

As tangible as learning
Keep improving every process
A careful check of each batch of products
Only to provide high-quality products to ensure the safety of customers' electricity
Like the guardian of product quality

The warehouse has neatly arranged shelves, the hard-working Ma Jie, and the products that can withstand the test come from the lean management that strictly implements the 6S standard.

A fully loaded freight car with our sincerity, quality, and quantity of each high-quality Knkong products delivered to customers in time.

High quality and best service switchgear supplier.Knkong Electric has strong R&D capability & offers ODM/OEM service for MV & LV switchgear.

Mr.Sheng Tongliang, the founder of Knkong Electric, had said: Lead Knkong employees to become rich and live a 

Date:2019-11-16 09:20

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