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Wanted—Knkong Electric was invited to participate in the Henan Innovation and Development Conference

From October 26th to 27th, our company was invited to participate in the 2nd China·Henan Recruitment Innovation Development Conference, which was organized by the CPC Henan Provincial Party Committee, Henan Provincial People's Government, and the European and American Students' Association (China Overseas Students Association) Co-sponsored by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, the main venue is located in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of the conference is "Gathering Talents from All Over the World and Helping the Central Plains Bring Out the Color", focusing on the "Five Districts" linkage and "Four Roads" collaboration, deeply integrating into the "Belt and Road" construction, and striving to gather more high-level and highly skilled talents (projects), Provide strong talent support and intellectual support for writing a new chapter of the Central Plains in a new era.

Knkong Electric Co., Ltd (Zhengzhou Knkong Mechanical And Electrical Co.,Ltd)was established in 2012.It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan Sanhe Electric Co., Ltd.We are mainly responsible for oversea market export, electronic components and technology import. the company's products have been classified into 10 categories, 30 varieties and more than 100 kinds of specifications from 40.5kV to low-voltage terminal electrical products.

The talent-introduction conference organized by the government provides a high-quality platform for recruiting high-quality talents and reserve forces in major industries of the society, not only solves the difficulty of recruiting major companies, but also provides employment options for talents in various industries. opportunity.
In the future, Knkong Electric will continue to uphold the management concept of "people-oriented", provide more jobs for talents, and provide better products for the industry!

Date:2019-10-28 10:25

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