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Knkong Electric participated in Zhengzhou International Marathon

Zhengzhou International Marathon

At 7:30 am on October 13th, the 2019 Zhengzhou International Marathon fired a gun at the International Convention and Exhibition Center. In the cheers, more than 26,000 contestants of different nationalities, different skin colors, and different ages from all over the world rushed out of the starting point and used Footsteps to measure and feel the pulse of the Central Plains.

Knkong Electric organized the employees to participate in this competition for the first time, and the gunshot was fired. Knkong employees and other contestants began the journey of self-challenge.

If running is the process of defeating oneself, the marathon is the persistence and pursuit of growth. During the race, everyone encouraged each other to cheer, go hand in hand, and ran to the finish line first. This competition stimulated a sense of collective honor and team cohesion and demonstrated the unity and vitality of Knkong people with running and speed.

The chairman of Knkong Electric once again defeated the half-marathon with excellent results, and a healthy body is more equipped with a rich soul, which is an example and idol for our Knkong people.

Life likes a marathon, everyone is running a marathon of their own, using a perseverance to measure the depth of dreams, using footsteps to measure the width of life, wishing all Knkong people on the road to dreaming, do not fear the road ahead, bravely go forward, Never give up, set off towards our dreams, set off again!

Date:2019-10-15 10:25

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