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It is also the mid-autumn year full moon. In order to make the Knkong Electric family have an unforgettable and happy Mid-autumn festival, Knkong Electric specially organized everyone to go to Gongyi Luyou Island to participate in outdoor live-action shooting reality events. Let the Knkong family have a better time than addicted to filming.
After more than two hours of driving, I finally entered the mountain. The winding mountain road sometimes climbed the hill and sometimes turned sharply, which was more thrilling than the roller coaster. After passing through the winding mountain roads, I finally arrived at the meeting place.

Team assembled. The script to be filmed today is "The Warring States". According to the script, we divided into four countries, namely "Qin, Wei, Zhao, and Han". After selecting "Emperor" and "Minister", the rest The'civilians' were also messed up in various countries, and the director began to announce the task. The completion of the task determines the coins we can get. I heard that coins have a great role in the noon picnic, and the friends have started interest.

Knkong Electric is a professional in manufacture electrical equipment, favor to service EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) clients, while providing OEM/ODM service to all kinds of Electrical customers as well.
Also as known as a prefabricated substation or prefabricated substation, which is to install electrical equipment such as transformers in a moisture and fire prevention, heat-insulating, fully enclosed and removable steel structure box, especially suitable for construction,mines, factories, oilfield and wind power stations.

After two hours of hard work by the team, all countries returned to the final camp. The director counted the mission scores for each country. After the corresponding currency was issued, the director finally stated the final use of the currency. It turned out that the currency was used for lunch ingredients At the auction, those who had more money cheered for a while; they were eager to try, and those who had less money got together and worked hard to get as many ingredients as possible.

The auction begins! Various countries kept raising prices, the scene was lively, and once out of control.

After the auction, every country started cooking with satisfaction! There are those who clean tableware, those who wash vegetables, those who cut vegetables, those who burn on fire, and those who have a ladle.

After more than an hour of busywork, we finally have dinner! Pick up the wine bowl, look at the camera, and smile!

After eating and drinking, taking a break, it’s time to go! Wonderful activities go go go!

After all the activities are over, the sky is dark, and the wins and losses at this time are no longer important to everyone. All the memories of the tired, troubled, laughed, and touched in today's event are believed to remain in all of us. The next shiny pearl.
The crescent moon in the sky hung high, and the fireflies beside them wandered back and forth. Until the Mid-Autumn Festival moon night, I believe everyone will smile a little at this time!

Date:2019-09-12 09:20

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