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Last month's hot-tag was Shanghai's mandatory garbage classification, which almost "drove madness" to Shanghainese because if the garbage is not classified according to the regulations will receive fines. When the mandatory garbage classification in Zhengzhou city begin? Quietly tell everyone: just at the end of the year!

Well, in order to actively respond to the national call to ensure the smooth sorting of waste at the end of the year, Knkong Electric (professional switchgear manufacturer) invites external training instructors to promote the importance of waste sorting and sorting tips for company employees, so that everyone can get in touch with waste sorting as soon as possible. To classification skills.

In general, the garbage classification in Zhengzhou is food waste, recyclable waste, harmful waste, and other waste. In order to let everyone understand the concept, the lecturer humorously borrowed a network paragraph: pigs can eat food waste Garbage, what pigs can’t eat is other garbage, what pigs will die is harmful garbage, and what they can buy is pigs that can be recycled. After the lecturer finished, the audience laughed, the image was easy to understand, what a simile!

Although the training course lasted only one hour, it also planted a small seed in everyone's heart. Garbage classification is imperative, let us work together to create a better home!

Date:2019-08-03 10:20

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