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Switchgear manufacturer Knkong Electric holds fire protection training

Recently, according to the logistics department's regular investigation of hidden safety hazards, it was found that the date of powder testing for dry powder fire extinguishers in the main building of Knkong Electric is approaching. After reporting to the leaders, the company's leaders attached great importance and requested that the soon-to-expire fire extinguishers be sent for inspection and replacement.

On August 13th, Knkong Electric organized special personnel to collect the expiration fire extinguishers downstairs, load them, and transport them to a qualified fire service company for powder testing.

On August 14th, the staff of the fire equipment company sent a fire extinguisher with powder detection, and at the same time carefully informed the correct use of the fire extinguisher, patiently guided, taught our company staff, and recommended that everyone should master a certain fire Skills, in the event of a fire, can use the correct use of fire extinguishers to control the fire at the first time, minimize losses, and maximize the protection of the personal and property safety of units and individuals.

Knkong Electric always keeps in mind the responsibility and mission of the enterprise. While contributing to the country and society, it never dares to forget that fire safety is the top priority of the enterprise's work.

At the same time, the company held fire protection knowledge lectures and evacuation drills every year, regularly inspected the fire protection facilities regularly, and this time it further promoted the fire protection knowledge by placing fire extinguishers and enhanced the fire safety awareness of the company employees.

Date:2019-08-16 09:35

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