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Vietnam International Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition

Vietnam International Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition

Recent years, Knkong Electric has continuously strengthened product R&D and innovation, and actively implemented the "going out" strategy, relying on excellent product quality and good product strength to explore overseas markets.

Recently, General Manager Chen of Knkong Electric's Overseas Business Department was invited by Vietnam International Electrical Exhibition to go to Vietnam with the company's executive director Yun Jie to participate in the exhibition. The exhibition has successfully held 11 exhibitions since 2008 and has become one of the most important powers and energy exhibitions in Vietnam. Exhibitors from more than 10 countries participated in the exhibition, mainly from Turkey, India, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, China, Thailand, and other countries, including Vietnam National Power Group, Vietnam Power Equipment Company, and ABB, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, and other well-known companies have exhibited related electrical equipment exhibits representing the latest technology.

At the exhibition, Knkong Electric exhibited ,switchgear,indoor vacuum circuit breaker, meter boxes, fault indicators, and other products, which attracted the attention of professional buyers in many countries and regions.

Many professional buyers take the initiative to purchase display products. If it is not because of the need to retain samples for exhibition, they may be sold out.

Future, Knkong Electric will continue to strengthen overseas market development, build overseas marketing networks, improve services, broaden channels and expand exports, provide customers with high-quality products and service experience, and further enhance Knkong Electric's competitiveness in overseas markets The power of China's electrical equipment manufacturing industry shines the light of Chinese brands.

Date:2019-07-20 09:20

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