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Fire drill

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In order to further strengthen employees' fire safety awareness, improve employees' fire escape skills, and prevent fire accidents, according to the spirit of the "Notice of the Safety Production Committee Office of Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone on Carrying Out Safety Production Monthly Activities", in accordance with the relevant safety production of Beijing Airlines Office Monthly activity requirements, Knkong Electric Co., Ltd. held a fire safety training and escape drill on June 18, 2019, and nearly 100 employees of the company participated in the training and drill.

In the theoretical training, the instructor explained the precautions of electricity and gas for family life and the safety of office electricity; knowledge of fire prevention and fire escape for vehicles; fire prevention and escape methods for high-rise buildings; common fire protection The correct use of equipment; how to fight the initial fire, etc., greatly improved employees' fire safety awareness and enriched employees' fire safety knowledge.

During the escape exercise, under the unified command of the instructors, everyone bent down and covered their mouths and noses with wet towels. They entered the exercise tent in groups and successfully escaped from the smoke-filled tent. They experienced how to escape from the fire.

Finally, the instructor explained how to use the fire extinguisher and the matters needing attention to the scene. The employees carried out the actual operation and used the fire extinguisher to conduct the fire extinguishing drill, which improved everyone's fire extinguishing skills.

The main products of Knkong Electric are switchgear, which play the role of power distribution and protection.

This fire safety training, through the combination of theoretical teaching and practical exercises, not only allows everyone to have a deeper and more comprehensive grasp of some common sense knowledge of fire safety but also effectively improves the psychological quality of people in emergency situations. The purpose of coping and self-protection also greatly strengthens employees' ability to cope with emergencies.

Date:2019-06-19 09:50

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