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2019 new employee entry

Knkong Electric

In order to welcome new employees to join the Knkong family and celebrate the transfer and promotion of employees into new positions, the company held a special welcome meeting. At 6:30 pm on June 14th, the colleagues who participated in the welcome meeting successively arrived at the scene. Everyone who entered the scene was surprised. They took out their phones and started taking pictures around. What was it like? The scene makes everyone so lamentable?
Let's take a look!

Dazzling decoration, rich and delicious food, romantic and beautiful candlelight, as well as mellow red wine, elegant cocktails, refreshing lemonade, our unique refreshing western-style cold dinner party! Is it very special?
At 7 o'clock in the evening, the staff had arrived, and the party Began.

First of all, our dear province Yunjie Governor delivered a speech, she said: Welcome new employees to join our family of Knkong Electric, I hope that all of us present can work hard in the future, for Knkong's tomorrow, for ourselves Struggle for happiness.
After the leaders finished speaking, it was time for us to eat, drink, and drink. Everyone gathered together to push the cup and change the light, to talk about small things in work or life. After a while, the atmosphere of the party became active.

Of course, such a carefully arranged romantic scene also has special links! Men's gentlemen's clothing and ladies' elegant dresses, it is natural to live up to dance together in circles!

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The atmosphere of the party gradually became hotter with everyone's dance. Under the guidance of the host, everyone picked up the microphone and roared the song to release their passion. The atmosphere reached its climax for a while.

Date:2019-06-14 11:20

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