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Knkong Electric Staff Award Ceremony


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In May, Knkong Electric also officially launched a new monthly excellent employee selection activity. Just today, all employees of Knkong witnessed the monthly award ceremony of outstanding employees in the restaurant on the fourth floor.

New activities naturally have new ideas. In order to allow employees to have room for display and a stage for growth, company leaders encourage everyone to "exhibit themselves and challenge themselves". Therefore, this event is undertaken by our production department Wu Yuntao and warehouse Zheng Xiaogai Host. Although the two of them hosted for the first time, they were not frightened and generous. Although there were some small flaws, in the goodwill of everyone, the progress was quite smooth, and in the end, it was flawless. It must be said that the potential of our Knkong employees is still very large.

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There are three awards in this award ceremony, namely gold, silver, and bronze awards. The heavy medals are custom-made by Knkong, as well as our shiny red envelopes.

The department leader personally distributes medals and bonuses to the employees who have won the award.

Switchgear are the main products of Knkong Electric, covering 11kV and 33kV switchgear.

After the award, the general manager, Ms. Xing Yunjie, summed up the event: In the past, we also conducted the selection of outstanding employees, which was only based on work performance, and the employees’ thoughts, dedication, mutual assistance, and many other factors Ignored, this seriously dampened everyone's enthusiasm. Therefore, we started in May, the selection criteria for monthly outstanding employees are not only work performance, many factors that "excellent" should have been incorporated into the selection conditions. I hope that this time the outstanding employees will make persistent efforts to go to a higher level; employees who have not been evaluated should not be discouraged and will continue to improve and improve themselves in the future and strive to stand on this podium next time.

Date:2019-06-04 10:20

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