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Knkong Electric 2019 performance start-up meeting was a complete success

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At 2:00 pm on May 31st, all employees of Knkong Electric's functional department participated in the performance kick-off meeting in the conference room. The meeting was chaired by the company's executive director, Ms. Sheng Yunjie.

At the meeting, Ms.Shengn Yunjie explained in simple terms, from the point of view and the face-to-face explanation why do we have to do performance', 'how to set performance goals' and the incentive mechanism of performance, and pointed out that our value distribution is realized by our value creation of. Recognize the individual's efforts and creation, so that the personality and value of each employee are respected, the officers are recognized, the strong are valued and cultivated, the excellent is promoted and reused, and the performance beneficiaries are willing to challenge themselves 3. People who keep making progress are treated equally in terms of rules and rewarded for merit in terms of benefits.

Knkong Electric

After the meeting, Chairman Tong Tongliang highly appreciated the performance kick-off meeting and said: Since everyone agrees, then we will continue to implement it on a down-to-earth basis and continue to break through ourselves and create greater value for ourselves for the company.

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The performance management in the public impression is considered by employees as a tool for assessment, restraint, and salary deduction, and Knkong will use a new concept of performance management to make everyone a "performance master", thereby achieving the "union", Achieve the 'win-win'.

Date:2019-05-31 11:00

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